November 15, 2009


fact;; i need that in my room!! plus i want that wig

i saw this and instantly fell inlove. true storie: my mom called me over to look at my most favorite director in the worl then i saw it and had even more respect for him more than anyone ever before. i mean really? look at that sexy dress// freaky totally radical boney skeleator behind her!!!!! its so tim burton i can hardly talk about it. ohh btww. in spring going to exhibit in NY to see his skeetches and shutff for his movies which are so amazing.


btw im watching the adams family right now im that cool :]]... i should be doing homework// reading to kill a mocking bird. maybe the most akwardest more confusing hardest book of my lifetime.. i might as well just go on to sparknotes and see but... my teacher is lame and decide to now tell us when we have pop quizes so we dont fail every single time. oh you miss baskin always looking out for us!!!

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