December 14, 2009

im ferrosicka

hello, I've sadly been cursed with the morning headache. it is where you wake up with a pounding headache, achy stomach ache, and all your bones hurt. I'm one of them who survives from it. i can proudly say that. after my sleep in, i just woke up. i must admit i am feeling oh so much better, but... my tummy is bursting with something inside. it must be all the CF changs Chinese food i ate last night. yesterday i may of ate the whole word. first meal : woke up starving, almost dieing so, i made myself a 10x10 stake of chocolate chip pancakes with sausage links. i was after quickly called to babysit, once there i was forced into ordering Macdonald's when i was not hungry from that overly large pancake. there, i forced myself to eat 10 chicken nuggets, a chocolate milkshake, and a medium fry. it was secretly so yummy. once that terror was over, it was my loving brother Satchels birthday. we went to CF changs and i ate everything. now. carma. stomach is still exploding from all the junk. maybe if i ate some fruit. nah. i want some fruitloops. well, ill probably write in a little. my mom got the movie adventureland for me to walk. she says its cute and id like it. so BYEBYE! i hope you read! my menu of eats.
please dont actually.
the only reason i actually wrote that out is being im really sick and i have nothing better today. ill probably later have one of my lame photography shoots by myself.
(( my moms at work til 530)) (( dads at work til eight )) (( brother wont come home)) so i can do whatever! real exciting huh?

well, toots.
loves hettie/

i love you ferragamo. Even when im sick, you sill make me feel better.

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