February 23, 2010

Hoy es martes...

CHANEL, you make me giggle, your surprisingly always to much to handle. Nothing you make is bad. Be grateful.

Dream wedding dress or maybe too much.
You never know.
Like the pink font?
Tried to mix it up a little.
I need to use a little more color now
since its almost spring.
No more black.AH.
What am I going to where?!
It's almost as if I had died then just came back from heaven. Christian Dior! Please stop! I might just get a heart attack. Haha, they also have the scary man makeup that Lady GaGa is wearing in Bad Romance.WHY DO I LOVE THIS WAY TO MUCH?!

Hey Valentino, by the way... Your Spring 2010 Fashion Week collection was to cry over. I may have sparked a few tears as they came out. Oh and your a little naked under there. There are so many colors, I love it. Plus, the freaky hand bands just add more sass. I mean why do I get the feeling I am underwater or in space? The textures really bring out the color too. I mean you just rock, O.K.?

Today is my half birthday. So, i get half of the Ho Ho. Garcias Sra. Garcia por mucho puntos! I'm finally 13 and a half. Wow! I'm old. It's tough thinking about how fast this year has gone by, it was just yesterday when i turned 12. Why do I have to be such a late bloomer! All of my friends are already like 15. Compared, I'm pretty much a newborn...but thank god for when they get their drivers licenses, they then will be able to drive me to my favorite frozen yogurt place.LOVE'S. I must mention, I always get a peanut butter ice cream and chocolate swirl then topped with butterfingers. It makes my mouth water at just the thought of it! yay! <<
Only, boredness keeps me awake. I'm too tired and bored to even sleep. Last night I wanted Courtney Kardashian give birth. She f-ing pulled her own baby out of her hoohoo. I'm scarred for life. Like is that normal to do?

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