February 24, 2010

Nana, hey

Hello there! Today has been the most boring, tiresome day ever. I honestly couldn't get out of bed... It took me 25 minutes to do my makeup, that's embarrassing! Even though, I'm only wearing some blue eye shadow and some pink stuff on my lips. Cute right!? Right now, I'm watching True Jackson V.P. Maybe the worst show ever to be on Nick, No offense to all the people who enjoy.


A Vera Wang reversible rain/ winter coat, Inhabit brown cashmere cardigian, a multibrown colored dress, trice something, a vintage cream belt with purple buckle and asian scenes painted on it, also a vile of purfume on a gold chain ( vintage). With the touch of a pink rose on my head. Don't forget the signature hairdo.Ah, you see here the multibrown pattern my dress is made out of! Funky, chic! Wow, I sound like my spanish teacher who has a awkward obcession with my clothes. I walked into her class and she praised my flowered hair by pointing and hollarings in weird spanish moans. Oh, how i love that teacher! I also had a Hello Kitty ring on, so, now she's probably going to call me kitty for the rest of my life...great...

Pleather shoes as wil would say. These are my uh as Izzy say my old fashion Black and Shiny 20's bowling shoes or I would just say shiney shoes. These maybe my favorite shoes, but sadly, they're the size of a 4 year olds foot. Come on, why do you have to be only size 5? GROW! GROW!
My vile, as it hit the side of the table droplets would tumble, the whole day i smelt of vanille and tobacco. Mom, thanks for the purfume. Tom Ford does smell like heaven. The whole day I had people tell me I either smelled like their grandmas or very satifiying. Only my friends would tell me I smelled like their grandma. I must admit though this is a great print. It's a blue little acorn fulled with sweet sweet scent of vanille.

Tay Tay Tay Tay Tay, LOT TAY.

Almost Friday, Excited :]


Hettie <3

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