February 25, 2010

Welcome! Now, take off your over sized coats and your large top hats, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show...

Wolf boy
A Three legged man
No armed lady
Lion Face
A real unicorn
A man-owl
Half of a lady
The frog pony boy
The four legged girl
Elephant man
The camel girl (Lucy Elvira Jones)-1881
The bearded lady
Rubber man
Miss Serpentia
Lobster Boy ( My person favorite)
Siamese-twins with four legs
Mr. Tall
Elephant hands and feet

Your probably wonder, or not, why i have these extravagant photos of carnies. Well, the New Trier carnival is tomorrow! Throw my hands up in the air and shot hallelujah! The carnival... Ah, It can't be the cotton candy or the little packets of dippin' dots you pay $8 for. Or maybe it's the people, it's kind of like a big reunion of friends, but were together every day so no. But as you can tell, I'm SO excited. TEHE. Which one is your favorite? My obliviously as I already said is lobster boy, it just makes me laugh/ cry a little every time I see it. I do feel bad for these 1800 freaks. Awh, poor little babies.

Tomorrow=A good day
Excited scale from 1-10=15
Wearing= Nothing but happiness

Your girl,

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