March 8, 2010


KK,so I'm sick. Cool? Huh? I better go rocket and get a snack to get.
KK, Peace out. KK

Fendi, stop.
Fendi, If i could wear you every day in spring I would. Simple is always the best. Colors are clean. Style is classic. Makeup is fierce to keep it cool. Hair is messy. If you were to find me on a walk in April. I would be wearing this with a ugly vintage hat or maybe a fur bag. I almost didn't notice the great shoes. I was too busy admiring the colors of the draped shorts. As I have learned from my mother, a little bit of metallic makes it. The bottom of the army green wrap shoes is silver making a pop. I love it. Bravo Fendi.

Courtesy of Imaxtree
Peace out girl scout. Louis, Louis Vuitton. Please, just stop before I get my next heart attack. I love this so much. The mini biker shorts underneath are total hot points and the tassel bag is so safari like but not. The design of the skirt is beautiful, the big pleat in the front makes it. Shirt, of course is great. And to bring back a little kiddish feel, we have an over-sized Afro for hair. Who doesn't love this?

Courtesy of Imaxtree
This made me cry a little when I saw this. Why is this actually out of a dream? I mean who would think to take all these jeweled pieces and make it into a hot mini skirt plus top. It reminds me of a beautiful future chandelier hanging in a millionaires house. Oh, and you can't forgot the matching kitten sandals. I want them so bad. My mouths foams every time i see them... Wait what? The make up and hair made the show beautifully too. The frizzy hair made everything more edgy but it still had a really soft side. Then the red lipstick topped it off. I would say Prada, Bravo. You sure wowed me off of my feet.

Weirdly, Alec Baldwin is speaking at my sisters, Addie's graduation. This is amazing news! Who isn't a Alec Baldwin fan. Too bad, he reminds me way to much as my dad. They even have the same chest hair. Plus, he's funny. At the Oscar Awards last night, him with Steve Martin. Man, oh, man they make me crack up.

It's time for spring. No more heavy coats and chunky scarfs. Time for bike rides in the parks and sandwiches while swing on the neighborhood swing sets. So, put on your frilly little white skirts and pastel sweaters. Snows gone and here comes the plants. Time for new.
Go Outside- Cults
Farewell Friday- District Colombia
My Baby Left me- Rox
Colors- The Pass
Undercover Martyn Flexin' It (Passion Pit Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club
The Dead Dog- Portugal. The Man.
Mr. Peterson- Perfume Genius
D.A.N.C.E ( Justices Cover)- Hawa
Liza- Emily Jane White
Baby Birch- Joanna New some
Cousins- Vampire Weekend (( A little bit old))
Every Day People- Sly & The Family Stone
A Roller Skating Jam called 'Saturday' - De La Soul
Animal- Miike Snow
You've Changed- Sia
Camel- Flying Lotus
Shelter- The XX
Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem
Ring Ring - Sleigh Bells
Keep It Going Louder- Major Lazor ( Ft. Nina Sky && Ricky Blaze)
Kiss with a Fist- Florence with Machine
Parallel July- Dinosaurs Feathers
Western Hospitality- Club 8
Stylo ( Chiddy Bang Remix)- The Gorillaz
Loxtep- Annuals
Cold War- Janelle Monea

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