March 24, 2010

In honor...

Hey, uhhh it's wednesday at 9:48. I should be in bed because I didn't take my usual 4:43 nap til 7:03 sadly. I have bad sleeping and eating habits. Speaking of eating, I just ate a bowl of reese's ice cream. Tearing a little in my eyes then kept eating. It was just to good to even stop. This whole week I sort of have been failing classes. Frown. I thought because it was like spring break in 3 days I could just Fail both my Pop and nonpop tests/quizzes. Now I know that they count for a huge part of your grade. woops. Also, I wore my beloved dearest John and I don't even know when he will be back. So, eff that. I'm not gonna send a letter if he's not going to get it. Well, I actually already wrote it, but ugh I don't want to send it. I'm just not that type of girl. K?

New Telephone music video, only about 9 minutes. First time, I had to watch one more time to fully get the amazing story into my overloaded happy brain. Second time, I got it a little bit better. Third time, don't even talk. I litteretly poop my pants when I see her. One person I actually may want to be. I could watch her for hours and never get bored. Okay, now I'm just sounding more weirder than ever. P.S. I'm sorry for not writing in awhile... I had a tough week with school and now since it's becoming closer and closer to break, I'll be a little more pleased with writing since I wont be over loaded with math homework and awkward Julius Caesar English talks.

Hey! This is me trying to be the hotter Lady Gaga! Is it working!? No, but I'm still hot :]... or at least I like to think so! I found this from like a year ago and I think I'm really pretty. No biggy.


Happy 14th birthday Hilary! Shouts outs

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  1. hi. love the shout out. i sorta am entertained reading your blog