June 15, 2010

It's raining like cats and dogs out there!

With makeup running down my face, a white see-through shirt, and itchy wet jean shorts, I still had a good time today. Not to lie, living in Winnetka gets boring way too much. It's funny how just dancing in the rain can make your day. That shows how much fun Winnetka truly is! Wow. I randomly chilled out today. First, I woke up at 7 'o' clock and played the worst day of tennis ever. It's a joke. I don't even know if i'd enjoy the team anymore. Thank god me and Halle are going to try out our stupid crew thing tomorrow. After tennis, I had my studio art which as always was chillax. I drew a mexican stripper as always and some too thin to even walk model. As you can tell from this, Ms. Tag, my art teacher, loves me. I honestly think she's afraid of me. I mean all I draw is like drunk men and scary thin women smoking a joint. Hehe, oh Hettie. What a girl you are! That's what I sometimes say to myself... Sadly... But yeah, after that I went to my nana's house or as me and my sister now call her 'Ritz' ( BC her name is Rita). We went there to help clean out her clothes. I mean 98% of it had a horrible pattern and felt like it was made out of knives. The other 2% was decent. I happily brought up two Bulls flat rimmed gangsta hats and this really funny cowboy hat which my sister loves so much. I brought home a fanny pack with a pattern that would make you throw up. It's the color of vomit mixed with animal prints, pretty hot if you ask me. I also brought up this like mint set including a dress, shirt, jacket, belt. They all are worn at once though, it's really confusing. It's semi-cute though. Maybe, I could wear the jacket tomorrow... Hmmm. I'm too tired to write anymore I'll write more tomorrow. PEACE.


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