June 13, 2010

My life be like' oohhh ahhhh ohhh ahhh'

Comme de Garcons.

This was the entrance, it was like a space egg shuttle. It was actually the coolest thing I have ever seen. And going in the store was hard to handle, I'm not rich so the thing I could maybe buy would be a postcard since everything is more than 5,000. If lucky 200 for a pair of knit underwear.

yeaaaahahhh, about that... My dad took this and thought it was so artsy. He was like Look! I took this awesome shot with the flag.. Okay dad, Rock on.

Best Family Ever. Minus Louis!

I love my family. That's all I've gotta say. I went on a weekend to New york for my Sister's Grad, I came back with so many memories even though I missed out on a few of my friend's parties. Whatever though! I'd probably have more fun hanging out with my mom... As sad as that sounds, It's probably true... But yeah, This is the best family you will ever meet. We are all different in so many ways, but we bond together to make... The best family ever.


New York. I don't need to explain. It's beautiful.

Sistah, Sistah.
Do I actually even need to explain this? Yea, my sister and I are awesome? Got it? Okay. Here, we are just chilling, about to go sit down and eat at the Moma ( best modern museum ever, I'm so pissed off I missed the Tim Burton exhibit). We look amazing. I know. My family is never under dressed. We hate looking bad. Even though, I do collect bad sweatshirts from thrift shops. :]. But yeah, the food here is amazing. It's to die for. The onion tart, oh wow. It's the best thing ever. We ordered two of them and they're like as big as pizzas and we finished them easily. I ate some Tuna tar-tar, Steak tar-tar, Duck something, Chicken, Too much. It was so good though, how could I ever just stop myself? It was so good! And now I can't stop saying how good of a meal it was! DAMM!

The Empire State Building.

I love this so much, because the week after we went to the top the finally of Gossip Girl was on and guess were chuck was? Oh, yeah he was just chilling on the top of the Empire State Building were I was a week before him!!! Ahhh... And don't get me started about Gossip Girl. Chuck died... Oh my god. No more, Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. Now, that I'm thinking about it too I'm gonna cry. I loved them so much together. Dam, you Blair. It was all your fault! No, It was Jennies fault. I HATE JENNIE SO MUCH I ACTUALLY HOPE SHE DIES IN REAL LIFE TOO. SHE IS SUCH A JERK IN THE SHOW AND IN THE REAL WORLD. JUST GO DIE JENNIE. NO ONE LIKES YOU. Urghh, sorry about that. Sometimes I just get a little carried away. So, what were we saying?

New York, New York!
Don't tell anyone, but I hate time square. To crowded, to much of everything is there. That's usually what you think of New york when you think about it. Crowded. Not everywhere is super intense like time square though. I went over to where my sister lives, in Alphabet City and it was so nice! It was just like a little neighbor hood. More like Chicago, a noch down from New York. I took this picture while in a taxi coming home from the Moma, We ate dinner there and I stuffed my face with all the rich foods we ordered. Sadly, after my stomach wasn't too pleased and I throw up after... I always used to say 'My stomach is a bombshell...'....No... No, it's not...

Oh, how your work amazes me. I see myself a little in her. The details.
I loved walking around Chelsea and smelling the freshly cleaned windows. God, how I love the smell of Windex. The galleries are so beautiful. I love how they are so clean. White walls, white floors, white everything, modern looking, but then you see the art which is all so different. God, I wish I was there right now! I love looking at art because it just makes you so in the mood to create. Honestly, after coming back from all these galleries, all I wanted to do was to draw and paint. It's so inspiring. It would be hard not to get inspired walking into one of these rooms full of amazing art. Only fools wouldn't.

Gracias mi Amigo Sally!

Recent Friday, I gave out my 800 dollar camera for people to take pictures, as stupid as I am, I miss placed my lens cap 7 times and thought I lost my camera twice. I gave my camera out to my dear friend sally. To be honest, she wasn't as bad as I thought she'd be. Surprisingly, she took 4 beautiful shots of me, which is hard too do. The camera doesn't love what it sees. Sally, I'm hoping for another photo shoot with you. I also adore the scary spider shot I took of you. For some reason, I love it.

Yes, I know I haven't been blogging lately. I have no computer too;therefore, I have to steal my moms which my mom doesn't really enjoy. Now that my mom's actually into her Neiman Marcus job, she checks her emails three times more than she used too. It makes her crabby and wears her out. In the end, we get half off everything with 30/30. It's a dream. I get all Bobbi Brown make-up half off. So, it all evens out. Well, I really miss writing and I think I'm going to make this a long one! SO GET READY FOR THE HETTIE. Yeah... Cheesy... My dad says it all the time...

First, Summer School. You may think why would you ever do school in the summer? At first that's what I thought. Too bad it turned out to be probably my favorite part of my day. Except for the fact, I have to wake up at 7 each day and play tennis. Even though after I wake up a little, it turns out to be so fun... There is this kid Michael in my class, we call him Mike for short, and we heard that if you make him really mad he will attack you. Ever since we heard that, we try to make him mad everyday. It's so funny, but sad... I just wish he would clean up a little. I mean he has a full blown mustache and it's gray! Already! Back to what I was planning on saying, I take tennis then I have studio art. I love it. I have a bunch of n00bs in my class, but then I also have a few super cool people too. All the n00bs sit and draw like manga which I find so lame. Like, yeah sometimes it's cool, but after the 50th manga drawing I've seen all class. It gets annoying. Trust me.Also, because I'm coming to tennis, I come in like sweat stained white T-shirts and booty shorts. Everyone in the class would not think I could be an artist. Well, first day I sit down and were doing hands. Of course, I draw my own hand. In the end, mines very detailed. It's got the many wrinkles I have and the smallness too. Once, I finish the hand. I draw a drunk man in the background and my next was a guy missing his ear. After that, I drew a mom turning into a wolf. The people to sat across from me thought I was very weird. Also while I draw, I get pretty into it and tend to talk to myself. Double the weirdness. I bet everyone after class is like look at that girl in the gross tennis clothes who draws effing weird things only creeps would draw.Then, I'm the one like oh my god this is the greatest thing ever! Like for instants, yesterday we had to do portraits of people you loved, but in like collage form. So, everyone as usual did the like ripped pieces. I did differently. First, I used big pieces. And my picture of my mom was very small, I put sheep's on my mom's original photo and my clone of it. Underneath, I wrote mom's as if I cloned her. Also the second clone, it had the body of a demon to show how my mom can get mad sometimes ( not really, I love my mom). But yeah, I got up to show the teacher and she was like uhmm, wow, this is good. This is good. I love the classes reactions because I don't really look like the type to draw like naked men singing. What what? Why would anyone ever draw that? Hehe....

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