June 28, 2010

Why are you so moody?

I'm only in my cool mood.
I'm really hot?
I know right?


Hopefully, I won't gross anyone out. Not too brag or anything... I just haven't shaved my legs in a while. Something about that whole like hippy/earthy look has always inspired me. Even though hairy legs is one way too be single the rest of my life. Other than the hairy, I have bruises from being the 13-year-old, I love too be. I got my Bass's on and I'm seriously read to go on a major hike and fine some kind of animal that looks like a mix between a snake and a rabbit. Oh, and I borrowed these socks from my dad and got in trouble. This shows how cool I am as a person. Honestly.

Just some something somethings
The beauty of finding something just laid out for you, waiting for a photograph is a win. I, today, wasn't in the mood to leave my house. So, I watched fuse LADY GAGA take over for 2 hours to get me in my inspired, be creative, I hate people moods. Then, I look like 5 minutes to be GAGA make-up amazingness. Took a few photos. Deleted 85% of them. Waiting for someone to go in my computers trash, see all of them and call me a loser for the rest of my life. Yeah, It happens a lot. Well, then I went in my little photoshoot room and LOOK AT THIS PILE OF PILLOWS. It was waiting for a photo and I found it! Ah, lucky me!

My Lady Gaga Photo.

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