July 12, 2010



So, simple. Sometimes, simple is better though. Never plain though. See, they're simple, but at the same time extremely not. Very cartoonish, and cartoonish is never simple. So, I guess I lied to you. This is not simple. Probably the opposite of simple. Different.

NANA! I love this so much.
My favorite! The porno! It's really disturbing when you think about it. Just don't think about it, that's what I've came to think of.

I wish I was as good as this. I need to practice. 10 hours a week isn't enough. 4 hours straight should do it. 4 hours straight, everyday?

Always love a good nude.
Awh, more cubism. A little Picasso. Who isn't my favorite;surprisingly, I like this painting. The plainness of the golden frame and dull colored background really makes the distorted face pop. I also like the scary pedophile hairdo going on in this. He's balding and you can tell!
Going to be honest, I'm a little confused with the extra pair of orange boobies in the middle. Other than that, I love this painting. Why do all the dirty one's make me laugh? But, I also respect the technique of painting. I love how he includes the butt cheek shine. Also, the shadowing of the man's body is a slight green. I love the colors. I love everything about this piece. Good. Good. I love the way he does the faces too. Always.

The laughs I get when looking at these paintings are serious. The scare I see in his work, I also see in mine. It's so creepy and dirty it's good. It's a good mix too. He doesn't only do the porn scenes with messed up faces. He does the family's with messed up faces too. Also the first one, Jesus. I really liked Jesus for some reason. I don't think it's only the painting though. Lately, I have been more and more religious. It's very strange of me. I'm never religious. It's probably only because I dig the cross look.

Well, now being in one of my very very inspired moods. I will draw and be anti-social. The only think plugged in will be my boom box playing french and italian music. The way it moves me is amazing. Every song hits you in the same place. I love it. I love the fact I don't know the words. Except the fact, I wish I could appreciate what they were saying.

Talking about music. Harvey's basement jam session was amazing. I've never heard just talented kids in my life! I mean they were a little... I never knew you could play so well while being... They replied I play better. Austin, I never thought he would be so good on the drums. I mean after 10 minutes he couldn't sit still. He'd have to get up and do some crazy head banging movement, but other than that very good. Harvey, natural is amazing at guitar so I wasn't surprised when he picked up the guitar and just easily played a whole rock concert for us. Oscar, no. I'm not even saying anything. HE WAS SO GOOD! I MEAN EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT GUY IS SEXY. The voice. The hair. The music. The clothes. Everything. Oh, wow.

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  1. What a sick blasphemous piece of garbage!