July 20, 2010

I am rather not a trend setting.


Odd, am I? Ever since I was young, I thought differently. A baby, I was in my my-mother-still-dresses-me phase. Thank god, my mom was a fashion designer for part of her life. She dolled me up in Ralph Lauren and made me look like a little china doll. I had dark brown hair and blue eyes. Chubby, every baby was. I think I'm cool phase began to set in. I wore T-shirts that said I'm cute and The greatest, only because I really thought I was. Sparkle jeans became in style and I forced my mom to buy them, even though they felt like card board when you wore them. I went through my punk rock phase because of my sister. As she went through hers, I felt like I didn't to be right along side her. Even though I was in second grade... I wore fake piercings to school and wore lace shirts. Sometimes even I tie. I even told people that when I was older I was going to dye my hair pink. People believed me. Third grade, all I wore was tutu's and cowboy boots everyday of my life. Don't ask why. fourth grade, jeans with skirts over. I also had this blue hat I would never take off. Even when it became summer, it was still placed on top of my head. I wanna flash forward through 5-7 grade. I dressed stupid and wore sweat pants every day. I was too afraid of being who I was. Thank god in 8th, finally I was inspired by Style Rookie too break lose and actually wear the things I want to wear. Even if I get horribly made fun of. Ever since I was young, I have rebelled against trends. I'm more of a classic person. I like the things that never go out of style. So, you can't ever look stupid in what your wearing. I look stupid almost every time I come out of my house though, I love looking back at what I wore. I laugh and think how I could of even left my room with that on. I'm shocked my mother let me out of the house! I looked like a joke. Thats the good part of fashion though, you may look stupid but it's still fashion. Anything's better than wearing sweat pants. Ew.

Mixed Patterns
Proenza Schouler
Miu Miu


Cropped Sweaters
Rag & Bone
Alexander Wang
3.1 Phillip Lim


Hot Pants

Emillio Pucci
Marc Jacobs
Christian Dior


Color Blocking

Bottega Veneta
Yves Saint Laurent
Jil Sander Navy
Pringle of Scotland

Uh, yeah. Just some Trends. I'll probably just end up starting my own trends. TTYL.

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  1. dear hettie- wow that was inspirational, i just want to to know i read ur blog every day and every new post is like eating a nice big peace of chocolate cake. I love you so much, please remember me when your famous..


    your lover hp