July 14, 2010

Luke warm and cold.

A little bit of nude is alright when it comes to beauty. Ah, the beauty of the body. It's all beautiful. The movement. The skin. The inside. It' funny how one body could hold so much. It's weird because my thoughts are heavy, but I'm only 5'0. I'm little, but compacted with millions of ideas. If only I could let them all out. To others though, it's sad. Tall people with negative thoughts or at least thoughts on nothing. That's not okay. You need to full your body with as many idea's and thought's as possible. It's a waste if you don't. The space in your mind will just be filled with air.When it could be fill of brilliant facts which make you who you are or you could be normal and full of blah. I love people who are rich in life. Probably why me and Senora Garcia got along so well. I miss her rich soul. She was so full of life. It was amazing. She was intense. Every class you went too you were on the edge of your seat. That is how you want a class. Trust me. Plus, the way I wanted to learn in that class was amazing. Not only did you learn Spanish, but she also taught you culture from around the world. I'd learn something new about music, art, dance, food, anything everyday. Each thing I learned amazes me. The world amazes me. I can't wait to learn and explore more of it. Back to Senora Garcia, she was just such a inspiration. She made me look up to life. She changed the way I thought about it. I always kind of looked down to life as something I was given. It's a privilege to live life. Every day is a thank you. I'm so happy to be living so full and rich. Thank you. Thank you Senora Garcia for changing my life into something worth living. I could be at a beach sitting. I rather be home alone reading about bones. Did you know the skull of an alligator's jaw's are designed for closing speed rather than strength? Yeah, I bet not. I learn something new every day.

And look, no one takes photo shoots by themselves. What has the world come too? Dullness! Ah, duck and hide! My world will never be dull. I will always be trying to make art. Art is not dull or at least I hope it never gets dull. My world will cave in. Dryness. There's that word. I got a message today saying I was looking for happiness that is fake. I'll show them one day when I find it. Like I said, I'll be the happiest girl in the world! So, whoever wrote that, when I'm traveling the world and seeing amazing things. I can just laugh at your boring life. Ha! I could laugh at your boring life now if I wanted.

I need to learn one thing in particular. I need to learn how to love myself. Yes, I do love myself if you haven't noticed. I think I'm the coolest person ever to walk on this planet. But, more. I feel like I think of myself horrible. Maybe it's just the things I hear that make me so upset. I don't get really hurtful things, but when I get the simple B word, it kills. I don't think of myself as a B. I don't even like saying that word. It's too dirty. Dirty, a horrible word to describe a feeling. The feeling dirty is a scary feeling. It doesn't go away. The only way is too get the feeling away. Letting go of feelings is probably the hardest thing to do. So, the feeling stays stuck to you like glue. And dirty is the worst way to describe something. I never want to be dirty. Clean, fresh. Ah, no way. Love yourself for who you are! I feel like I have two personality's. One, I love being different. Two, all I want to do is fit in. Both, suck. I wish I could be weird, but still like have friends too talk to being cool about? Yeah know?

No, you don't know.


  1. your honestly the most inspring person i've ever met. i want to be just like you. your legit i think the coolest person i'll ever meet

  2. AHH YOUR SO INSPRIRING!!!!! you have so much talent it's like gfhjgdsj ahhh.

    i love this!

  4. i agree, you are really inspiring, i wish i had the confidence you do! plus you are just so nice and pretty it makes you way cooler than anyone else who had the guts to do what you do. seriously, keep writing! i love reading your blogs!!!!!!!

  5. you will do great things for the world hettie! ur a breath of fresh air in these damn suburbs. and u got balls to do this kinda stuff,and make it work

  6. hettiiee this is such an interesting shoot!
    i love it. but you should restrain yourself from putting these sexy pictures online, ya know? youre only 14 and there are creepers out there....
    just lookin out for u girl ;)