August 9, 2010


Hairy Heads By: Hettie Price

Once a pond a time there was a girl named Hettie Price. Her sister, Addie, was coming back for the weekend to visit. Luckily, they had a very nice lovely mother. She set up an appointment to let these sisters go and get their hairy heads done. Hettie was very confused on what she should do to her hairy head. What should Hettie do to her hairy head?

Just some hairy heads.


I always find myself searching for the perfect summer outfit, it's so hard because you can't layer anything. You can't even wear a sweater for an hour. You will become over heated in under 20 minutes if you try too. I just really hate summer fashion. I need fall to come around. I miss the dark colors and heavy makeup. Hats and gloves. I miss it so much. Yes, I love summer. Fall is just my favorite season and just thinking about it is making me fall sick. I love when the leaves change color and the world's scent is fresh. It smells clean. Ah, It smells so darn good! I can't wait to wear chunky sweaters and jeans. Hats and gloves. A wind breaker jacket. Chucka-boots and socks. Cold weather, a little wind.
Not only is it the season, but I'm going to high school in two weeks. I can't tell if I'm excited or nervous. I guess a little bit of both. Mostly excited though. I can't wait to meet so many people. I feel like I've been living in a world, me v. world. Sadly, I feel like there is no one else in the world who is kind of like me... I want there too be someone who I can relate too just a little. So, maybe I could tell them how I actually feel. I wish I could tell people. If I try too though, I feel like it gets awkward. I love my friends more than anything, I have so much fun with them. I'm different though, and they don't understand that. I don't wanna say it's holding me back, but it is. I feel like if I had an group of Hettie's partying it up with awesome clothes and the same diva attitude as me. I would be an even more crazy dresser diva. I hate peoples comments. They stick to me like honey on bees. One comment will ruin my week. Like if someone asks me, "What are you wearing?", like how am I supposed to answer that?. "Uh, clothing...". Thanks anyways though. I'm so sick of peoples comments. Today, I wore a little bit of eye makeup. I never wear eye make-up so when I people saw me they go, "You look like the grudge!". Like thanks...? I am always going to dress the way I want too though. People here won't stop me. I'm not saying that I don't dress how I want too, I just feel like if I were in a place where everyone dressed like me it would force myself too even dress even crazier. I like being the odd one out. Sometimes.


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Spooky good!

This blog will never be deleted. No matter what people say to me. My blog is a part of who I am and no one can take that from me. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. I'm sorry if you think it's stupid and pointless, but too me it's the world. Some posts may be stupid, but each and every blog is from my heart and shares a little piece of my life with you. This blog is too show who I am. Enjoy while it lasts. [[FOREVER!]]






  1. Hettie, you are such a beautiful person don't let those people get to you, there just jealous because they don't have the amazing confidence that you do! Also, never ever ever delete your blog i literally read it everyday!! I LOVE IT. Its soo cute and i mean my blog is pointless, but who cares? If there are haters...then why are they reading it? There just waisting there time to put you down, so honestly ignore them and show them that you are so much better then them and that they wont get to you!


  2. Hettie! Thank you so much for staying strong and fighting to keep your blog going no matter what others say. You are beautiful and have really inspired me to be who I am and fight for what I want and not let other peoples judgements get to me! I love you for that! <3