September 12, 2010

I am a teenage from mars! Aloha.

Dear fellow readers,

It's been 11 days since my last post. I think it's a record, I guess I'm just out of my mojo lately. Hopefully, I will get back into it as soon as I can. I would love to be writing bad stories and not funny jokes, but I can sadly say I think I may have lost it... I keep trying to blog lately, but it's not there.  What is high school doing to me! I've lately turned into a teenage zombie. All I do is wake up, go to school, costume crew, homework, sleep. Maybe I should add in Facebook issues. Maybe if I got off of Facebook while doing my homework, I would have a little more time to blog. Hmm, maybe I'll try that tomorrow.  I think I need to blog more. It's kind of like a stress relief. If I don't do it, I'm bottling up all this thought. If I do, I swear I sleep better that night. It will be my night tradition to help me sleep.

Anyways, my life consists of homework and the usual nagging mother. It's boring. I spent my first saturday in this weekend, I ended up going to a family party. Not as bad as I thought, nana was drunk... so it was interesting. I now can tell when she's a little tipsy. She laughs at things that sober people wouldn't laugh at, she becomes a very very close talker, she will literally put her cheek to your cheek if she has to get the word across, and she will announce that she is drunk. "Hello, I'm nana and I am drunk". Probably the only 7 words that were in my mind for the whole 3 and a half hour dinner. Yes, I'll repeat. A three and a half dinner. I didn't even know it was possible. The serve was very slow. I don't even know the name of where we were eating. Sherman's fish sticks? Sherman's fried tilipia? Who knows. It was decent... you could say... A little pricey, but it's always nice to be out with family. Did I say always? I meant sometimes... 

Well now, I'm probably boring you with my lame life. I always wish I could be more exciting. I look at style rookie who's living the dream while I sit at home. My life is boring. I need to spice it up a little! Goal in life: to do something memorable. I don't wanna die knowing I didn't succeed. Mark my nana's word from that way too long of party, I will go somewhere. Thanks nana for really pushing me!

Thanks fellow readers. Now I'm done with my boring life lately. 

Here's to something worth reading!

A snail hat is always good to wear when the suns out, right sunny?

Snail hat, also used to a bike helmet if needed.

Ever dap your lipstick? If so! Why not turn it into an awesome mini drawing?
I do.

I hope you enjoyed my little doodles of the weekend. 

"I guess it was a departure for me not using any black,"

"I was doing something very optimistic and pure, and in that sense, that was the starting point. It was a reaction to myself and everything I've encountered."

Quotes from a very great man, Alexander Wang. Very inspiring since I am getting over my goth look. New stage:Pure.

Black is really out. What am I going to do? 89% of my closet it made up of black everything and in the winter, the only white showing is my skin. I have no clue for whats going to happen, but I think I'm going to have to go naked now. Since my skin is close to white and I only wear black. Uh oh Fashion. Yes, finally out of my year and half blogging I used my own title. It's going to be my new thing. Uh oh Fashion!


Organic, healthy

(John Patrick, check him out.)

Need some inspiration:

I always can use some!

Elise Ă˜verlandADAM-by-Adam-Lippes

I wish I could say those were my collages, but I can not. These were taken from this random website. Very inspiration though, don't you know wanna go make your own collages and hang them up on your bedroom walls. I do, but it's pretty late. 11:37, this post took my an hour and 37 minutes to blog. It really shows my time and effort right. Psh, well goodnight.

As I said before, blogging makes me tired. So, I'm going to have a great night sleep tonight!

I will blog tomorrow. 

I promise.




  1. did u really make those doodles? they are amazing!!

  2. we love organic by john patrick too !!