September 15, 2010

I eat spiders; wanna kiss?


If you were a teacher and received a paper with this man on it. What would you do...? For the fun of it, I drew the most repulsive guy I could. I made him have a spider in his hand and I quoted him saying, "I eat spiders". In the corner of the page, I wrote wanna kiss...

My teacher replied with a drawn ? mark. My teacher now thinks I'm the biggest weirdo in the class and I didn't do to hot on her last quiz. Let's just say I'm going to have a great rest of the year in bio...

I really need to stop drawing on all my papers, my teachers are going to think I'm a 14-year-old rapist who eats spiders. What am I talking about? They all do think that already. How pleasant.

I never realized it until I tried it; sowing isn't as horrible as I thought. It's actually quite relaxing. Expect with you by accident jam it and the string goes loco on you. Then you got yourself in a big mess. Other than that, you just keep a steady pace and in the end, your proud of yourself. I tried out sowing for the first time today. I was bored, experimental was the mood I was in. I first tried to sow this random pink fabric I found, not to horrible. Messed it up quite a bit, but it gave me a good feel on how it would be. I then took this sketchy fake out brown denim. I cut into two lame squares to make into a skirt. As I looked at my cutouts, I knew it was going to be a pretty bad skit. It would be very unflattering on. I pushed my self through the self conscious phase and I began to sow the boxes together. Sweet, my first major problem. I did one piece of fabric inside out. So, I had this denim, then I had the inside of the denim which was a creamy off colored white. It was surprisingly good when I realized my mistake. The brown and the white are totally in this season. I think it was meant to happen. Anyways, I miss up and now the front in one color and the back is a totally different color. After I finish sowing, I try it on. Not to bad... I found myself impressed and I even impressed my mom! Maybe I finally found what I want to do. I'll be a fashion designer. Ding, ding, ding. All these years, it's been in front of me and I never made anything. Upsetting; glad I spent my time making this skirt. The skirt made me actually realize what I may want to be in my many years of coming... hm...

I call it my half chocolate milk skirt. Not really.


scroll down.

This was before mess up.

A little blurry; I apologize. Fabric. Chocolate side.

MY WORK STATION. As you can see, I get a beautiful view of my neighbors house. Fabulous,  I know.

Some thread. I used black. Mistake.

And after I messed up with fabric and turned one side inside out!

Ah, the mess up.
Sometimes mess ups turn good though.
This can add onto that list.

Inside of mess up.

As I predicted, it is very unflattering. I'm very proud of myself though.

The flash is on.
A little better picture of what the fabric really does look like.

As you can tell, messing up isn't horrible all the time. I probably shouldn't even all it a mess up since it was a pretty good one. I can be honest, I probably like it better now that it's a little edgy. I'm not sure if I will ever wear it, but I still like it!

Mini photo shoot with self::


I better go study now,




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  1. is this the first thing uve made urself?

    do wear tht to skol?