November 9, 2010

getting in touch with my clean side

I was watching Camp Rock 2 while I was babysitting last night and when Nick Jonas sings to Dayna or whatever her name is about what he likes. It totally got me inspired to find all the things no one knows about me and share them. Yes, that is so totally dewbish because it's from Camp Rock 2 which only 8 year olds should be watching, but this is an exception.

Things I really like that you may not know...

1. When I come home to an empty house, I sing. Really loud.
2. My favorite animals are sharks because they are the most dangerous predator.
3. I really want to be tough and bad, but it really doesn't work out.
4. I think simple is cool sometimes.
5. I'm easily impressed.
6. When I was younger, I had really smelly feet. So, we had to put baby power in my shoes.
7. I like hot sauce on everything.
8. I have a fetish for Lady gaga (which you all know already)
9. I just like to have fun.
10. Things get to me really easily.
11. I think scary things are cool.
12. I really want a pet rabbit.
13. My family's lucky number is 13.
14.  I'm really insecure about my blog.

Anywho, there was a little get to know Hettie Price. Up close and personal. Even though... I'm sure half of those things may be the stupidest things about me. You won't ever need to know those facts ever. So, take a moment and let them be erased. I mean seriously, no one wants to read how I used to have smelly feet growing up...

If not and you don't know me. I'm sure you're thinking what every one else things. That girl is weird. Lately, I've been kind of getting into my comfort zone at school. Meaning, I now talk 2% more. This means I have made a couple of pals in each class. One of them told me the other day, 'Yeah at first, I was really scared of you and you seemed really weird, but now you're ok,' I'm ok! You hear that guys?! At least, I'm semi-welcomed into this horrible atmosphere at school.

Dreamin' for that pink hair...


Even cooler.









Who doesn't want pink hair? Mmmm

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