November 29, 2010



Thom Browne. May I add in that I am very inspired by this collection? It really puts me in this Fourth of July mood when my mother bakes her famous blue berry pie. Times are good. I love these colors. Red, blue, white, black, gold, whatever. They look so amazing on the models and they really put me in a 'go America' mood'. Also the fact, it's like a classy farmer look. I want to just go run in a field chasing after goats wearing these checkered dressed and long skirts. I would look so pilgrim. I've decided that my tomorrow look will be pilgrim/witch/hot. Well, hot as usual... I can't help that... Uhh, any ways.

Please note that the lipstick is gold and shiny.

My sorry for my horrible lack of creativeness in clothing lately. There isn't a day where I say to myself 'What am I wearing?' Sweat pants and a sweat shirt? You look like a major turd that has rolled out of bed. So, I have decided to put myself out there as usual and come to school as a freak again. Yes, the cool Hettie is back.

Witch! She's a witch!



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