November 28, 2010

where have I been!

Why has the holiday spirit already began? I'm sounded a little too much like Scrooge right here... but really, time goes by too fast. I swear. It feels like halloween was last night. And even before thanksgiving, christmas music was being played throughout every radio every where. I don't want to be stubborn and I do love the holidays. I just don't understand how they are already here....

I haven't even planned out what I want from Santa!

The start to my long, never ending christmas list of things I don't actually need...

1. A pin maker
2. A pair of hightops
3. Duck boots
4. A zoom lens
5. Some glasses
6. Posters for my room
7. A rabbit
8. Under garments
9. Socks
10. A jacket
11. Tickets to lady gaga

11 objects that I really don't need, but want. 

Can you guess who this is?

Hettie, you should use a pallet. 
No, thanks. It's not my style.

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