January 25, 2011

Lately, I guess I haven't been myself. I've been thinking about my blog a lot and since it really hasn't been the same since summer. Mostly only because I never do it anymore. High school is tearing me apart. I don't mean to make my blog very personal, but I feel like It's what needs to happen. My high school experience's lately have been weird. You would think of it not like the movies, but constantly I find myself placing myself in with The breakfast Club. Jumping from personality to personality, I don't know where I would place myself as a person. I wouldn't say I'm confused with who I am, but I do find myself doubting who I have become lately. Trouble has become my middle name. I could spell it out for you if you'd like.  I don't know if its the pressure or just me being a complete idiot. I'm convinced it's both. Oh, and good news, I got all A's and B's. 
Anyways, trying to make this blog a little bit more personal. I don't know where I would put myself to start. Do I just dump all my feelings out for everyone can read them? Creepy as it gets, I can admit to my stalker behavior. I guess I'll start with just describing how I feel now. I'm tired, stressed, confused. To be honest, I don't want to share any of this. I'm more of that person who just blocks out all of those emotions. There too much for me to handle. I store them up in a little corner of my brain. They eat me alive though.
I'll write more often.

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  1. i wudnt mind if u made this blog personal, id perfer it actually.

    care for a suggestion?

    u cud make a different blog that u can put all ur feelings and emotions on if u dont want to put ur personal life on this blog :)