March 7, 2011

mom, i'm sorry

The winter has dried me out, but as warmth awakens. I will be here to tell my horrible stories and write again. My life has been nothing less than before. People ask me why I sound so miserable on here and sadly, i've been asked multiple times to go see the social worker and if I was okay lately. I am not sad. Informing you now, I am dramatic. I like making huge deals out of everything, I will admit that here. One time only, hold it against me if you will. Your probably asking why would you want to be a drama queen, annoying self centered writer. I honestly have nothing better to do. I might as well write it out on a black space in front of me for nothing better to do readers. 

Dramatic story of the weekend:
(make this a weekly thing? )

I found myself trapped at my ex-boyfriends house on friday. Not only was I feeling uncomfortable just being there in general, but I should probably restate myself with ex friend's with more of my ex-boyfriends there too. I know your probably thinking, Hettie, you can't get a boyfriend. What are you talking about?... I know, I can't. I get it a lot. These are old, old, boyfriends. When I was cool and didn't weird everyone out with gross humor and clogging boys toilets. Anyways, I was in a closed space with my girl friends and my old ex-boyfriends with an exception to there other friend... Cracking jokes about it, I felt horrible awkward and thinking to myself escape plans. When finally, we all were forced to leave with his mothers words. I thanked god and walked down stairs. I hear yapping and know it's one of those rat dogs. From old experiences, this may be not only a little rat, but pardon my language, it is also a shit head of a dog. Causally walking down the stairs, I see the little shit run up for me and take a good jump for my leg. Digging its tiny teeth in, I yell in pain. As I attempt to punt it off, the little shit has way to good of a bite. I take one last kick as it flies off and goes and waits for its next prey. There is no point to this story and the only thing I want to get out of it was that I hate little dogs. And to show you how pointless my life as gotten. That was my most exciting story of my week.

I hopefully will be blogging more. I can't make any promises.

the loved


  1. ugh....little dogs are disgusting....
    PS keep doing drama of the week hahaha