April 4, 2011

fell in love if your interested

People often ask me why I'm so unhappy. To answer your question, I am very happy. It's probably when you see me where I am the worse since school isn't the most happy place for me. I come home and quiet. Ah, that silence that you can take in all alone. I think I found my happiest place today. I took a long, hot shower. After wrapping myself in worn towels, I sat on the cold floor. I felt that rush of relaxation which is rare to find these days. It's funny that I say that since I just had a week and a half of spring break. I guess you can really say watching television for 8 hours a day gets boring when all you have are reruns of That 70s show on MTV and the food channel. As entertaining as both of those are, I give TV up for a long time.

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