May 14, 2011

Late night phone calls

It's 12:42. Finishing my second season of True blood leavings me with nothing to do. May I add in I finished it in under 24 hours? You may think pathetic, I think it's an accomplishment. Watching 12 hours of TV in a day and a half seems kind of warm. It's comforting because you know how much joy it brings you. At least it does to me since it's so normal and repetitive in my everyday life. Its like nothing bad could happen during it... unless someone brakes into your house and robs you clean or if you're shoving food into your mouth and you choke. Other than that though, its very comforting and after a rough week, it feels weirdly good. My couch wrappings its big arms around me as the familiar catch phrase commercials play over and over again.

It gives me a feelings where I never want to leave my house.
I doubt you'll ever see me again, other than at school now.

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