October 5, 2011

Halloween is coming near and if I have to force myself into a group of recently purchased costumes of Disney Princesses, I might croak. I guess I was chosen to be Ariel and before I knew it, someone had taken up the offer before I even had to the chance to claim that that was the one I was given. I had now been left alone with no costume, no friends, and nothing to do. I do not wanna go to a halloween party as a zombie when all of my 'friends' go as Disney princesses minus the clothing.  They stand there for pictures with their vaginas out and their small tits flapping all around. I'm smiling in the background with my head to toe zombie costume of Molly Soda. As everyone questions what I am, I begin to eat them because my human characteristics are long gone and all I can think about is eating brains. But really, we all know what I'm really thinking.

'God, Do I hate my friends or what?'

Halloween is the time for freaks to finally blend it with all of the other freaks. One day a year to actually chose who you want to be without anyone making themselves into a fool. I'm 15 and I'm still talking about Halloween as if I'm seven. It honestly never gets old. Half the time it's either funny, cute, or a joke.  And what I mean with joke is you're looking like a total hooker and you couldn't care less because no one can comment. Remember, Its halloween.

Enough about that shit though, it's in about a month. I don't even know what I have my mind so set on it right now. It's probably because I have no clue on what to be. I was thinking about zombie Molly Soda, but think about it. No one really knows her, no offense Amilia Soto. I think your cool and look up to you, but to everyone else at my shitty school. They'll probably throw food at me and spit on me and stuff, only the usual though.

Then I'm always thinking about Ghost World, a classic 90's movie about Enid and how she falls in love with this guy who's 1000 years older than her. 

She's the one of the Right, she also has green hair sometimes.

Here's a horrible quality photo of Enid with green hair, I still want to be her.

Or I could be something classic like a siamese twin where I make a doll and attach it to my clothes. Thats going up, up, and beyond though. It would also be probably the weirdest costume ever. People would definitely try to pull on it and somehow it would fall apart.

Like this, but it would look for like me.

And basically, thats all my opinions for now unless you want to give me some ideas.

Or I could be someone from The Craft.


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