October 13, 2011

I love how depressing it gets when you have to take a test. Everyone is doing the same actions by taking it, yet, people still have their own minds settled on different thoughts. Mine the whole time was, this piece of shit test is not going to determine what I'm going to be when I'm older. It'll probably tell me I'll work with old people or something. I'll laugh at the answers now, then find myself in a retirement home for wealthy old bastards feeding them sliced up pears with my hands. And I'm sure when I'm thinking of that, others are crying, hoping they got amazing results because they are geniuses; or just trying to impress their parents for love.  I love those kids. I wish I could try to impress my parents, instead, I go against them; trying to make myself a rebel. I'm really not. I'm just a weirdo. I'm happy though, that's important.

An ugly rich kid asked me when was the last time I showered. All his friends laughed with him or at me then turned to him to tell him that was not nice. It felt sort of nice having all of his other asshole friends there to back me up; just kidding.

I went to Mischordia the other day. It is a super nice campus for metal disabled and physically disabled. I went there for fun with my good pal Kathryn. Assuming I would be allowed to stay with her the whole time, of course I was split up from her. I had to go into a room alone. I could handle it because I don't feel uncomfortable by helping them, but it would have been nice having Kathryn there. I went into the room to help make halloween decorations. I sat at the table with colored paper and pens while the women in the home walked by. A girl named Ruth sat down right next to me. She had the face of a two year old, but she was wrinkly. She was balding and I guessed that she was around 37. She was so excited to color. She would yell out, "yay!" right before anything we started. I gave her my ghost draws and she imitated how a ghost would scare you. It was pretty scary. I enjoyed it very much though.

So strange, I do not even know what to think.

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All right, only one more.

Just kidding, never enough bejeweled heads!

All right, good night. I'm going to bed, but honestly, I just lied to you. I'm not really going to bed, I'm going to sit on my ass for about two more hours and watch TV.

Cya on the flip side,


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