October 18, 2011

I put on my favorite teddy bear jacket hoping for the best day ever. No surprise there, it turned to the worse! I always go straight to an untitled blank document waiting for me to write how horrible things are. Being myself and not thinking, I write what comes to my head and without realizing the consequences. I shouldn't apologize for my words, but I do know when it's appropriate to say something and not... For instance, using the term vagina. It's really not the most beautiful word, but I don't know what other words I could use without making myself sound like I'm a 4-year-old or a pedophile. I attempted to type vagina into my thesaurus, but of course, no entries found. Probably because the dictionary is always trying to make you smarter. If you use a term like your hoohah, you're going to sound just like an idiot! Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm not sorry for my words, on my blog, I'm going to speak as I would in every day life and if I like to say vagina, great. If that makes you uncomfortable, then maybe we aren't really meant to be... What I'm really trying to get across is that this is a personal blog for me to write about my high school experiences and I'm sorry to offend anyone, but I'm not going to take my words back because I'm not sorry for any of my emotions. You're probably wondering why I've become so deep all of a sudden and it's because someone told me to become more sensitive. I guess I have stop caring a little too much.

Taking the consequences, I had a mob of questionings on what I meant about a few sentences that I  wrote. It made me feel infamous which I guess has always been my dream. But not in a cool way where I'm hated by the government because I was taking of the world. It was more in a typical misunderstanding; and me being stupid. I had found out the girls were talking about it, I was quite happy that it was getting my blog the attention it needed! Just kidding, I was surprised by the drama which made me almost have a panic attack and throw up. I try to make myself seem tough, but really, I would cry if someone called me mean. I really don't like being the bad guy. So, I gave up and apologized because it's the right thing to do. Mostly, I love the responses. I understand and I was never mad, make me laugh and then the no responders or the okays. You can always tell how they really feel about the situation by the responses. In the end, I'm ok and I hope everyone else in the world is ok. Thats really all that matters. 

On the plus side, a kid with down syndrome told me I looked exactly like a clown. It made me so happy,  I was really going for the whole clown look with the blue hair and everything. I also was told I look like a bat. 

I'm going to be blunt here. Bats may have the ugliest faces in the entire world. I really wish people would take their insults to the next level and at least, make an effort to make the remark semi relatable. So, I can at least get upset about it and be like yeah... I do sorta look like a clown... But if you just say I look like a bat. I'm going to be think, wow you really are stupid because if you have ever seen a bats face, it looks more like an ugly pig faced rat.

I look like a mix between both of those things. I just shit my pants after seeing this picture of that clown. I hope you guys love it!

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