October 31, 2011

Pardon my language, but fuck halloween. It's probably the more uncomfortable day of your life when you're the only one dressing up for it. I have been preparing my halloween costume since November 1ST.  Even though in the end, it's always shit. Mine ended in sorta a sweet high school lame friendship way, but before I run ahead to anything good. I always need to tell you how horrible it was first. It starts with Saturday.  It was Nemo's birthday, we have all been very excited for our dear, dear friend Nemo is turning 16. Of course, because its hallow's eve I feel the urge to dress up. I went as sailor moon looking like a huge trashy anime hoe; that had lost her way from a anime convention, and ended up in Nemo's basement. When I arrive, uncomfortable tension of me being the biggest turd in the room sneaks up on me. The rest of the night was a blur, I ended up loosing my shoes. Thank god to Emma for finding one in her yard, and me being a weirdo and putting one in my bag. In the end, my saturday was a fail. I realized how horrible high school is and how all I wanted to do was take my birth control and go to sleep. As everyone was laughing and having the time of their lives, I couldn't get my mind off of my birth control or how lame everyone is. I went to bed that night and slept like a baby. I forgot to take my birth control.

Real halloween/what happened on sunday

Waking up to halloween, tricking yourself into thinking it's such a great holiday when really it's as if it's any old day. You go downstairs say Happy Halloween to your beloved parents. Your dad could care less as he color coordinates his outfit. Orange shirt and black pants, how tacky. He couldn't be more cliché. I go into my room and look at my Zenon outfit. Sparkle blue dress and a purple skirt, not cool at all. I had one moon earring in that made me feel like I was in a witch cult or something. Realizing that I'm 15 years old, I laughed at myself for a good 10 minutes before going to hell; also known as school. Walking into the hallways realizing that everyone had gone as themselves. Great costumes. I'm not even going to be sarcastic right now. If you don't dress up, you ruin the halloween spirit for everyone, actually. It makes all the cool people who dress up feel like huge turds walking around uncomfortable for hours when really they should be winning diamond rings and golden tiaras. I painted my whole face green knowing that the next day my face will be swimming in acne.  That is full dedication right there. No one even got what I was because Zenon doesn't have a green face... So, everyone either told me I got the costume wrong or they didn't have a childhood. That sums up my whole day and it was pretty bad.

Best news of my day:

My art was picked for the gallery at the community house. Opening is tomorrow!


I went to heathers house, ate way too much candy and we watched the classy scary movies. It made my halloween ok. Watching Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13TH, the originals of course. It made me feel good because Heather and the others are such feel good people. We all know those people that when your around them give you a good vibe, make you a better person. It's always those people that you want in your life and those people that are the hardest to find.

I ended halloween on such a good note, I'm proud of myself since I'm a poop.


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