October 10, 2011


I'm so happy I could die. I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life. Finally, I feel that I can speak my mind to people without having people look me up and down and tell me I'm wrong. I've fallen in love with my friends and I am trying to enjoy the time with them before I'm old. Youth is so important to me and in general. I need to stop wasting my time and enjoy myself as it is. I will never forget who I care about.

© by The Ones2Watch / Photography Kristofj & Sean / Art Direction Filippo Anzalone / Set Design Stephanie Kevers / Styling Coline Bach / Hair Meggie Cousland & Ishizaki Haruhide / Makeup Namiko Takemiya / Models Sylvia & Keeley at Nevs / Photography Assistance Guillaume & Lorenzo / Styling Assistance Lilous Perrote & Barbara Malevich / Set Design Assistance Celia Lusted & Alice Schrepfer

© by Christopher Kane


My friends and I sat in front of Jewel eating a bag of stolen fried chicken. After visiting the garage sale that was couple of blocks away, we sat with mountains of clothing and things that were broken. Most of our things were given to us for free for some reason. Half the sellers there were begging us to just take it. Most of it was crap. I love crap. Anyway, we all were sitting and talking about going sailing and what to do with all of our useless shit we just got. Suddenly, a huge mob of bikers show up with black gear and black bikes. It was only men and we were sort of curious with what was going on. As they came closer, their rainbow flags glistened in the wind. Those were the toughest gay guys I have ever laid my eyes on. I had so much respect for them. I still do.

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