November 14, 2011

There are times when I think of technology as the greatest thing we have achieved, and times where I wish it didn't exist. There is something about going on the internet that actually sort of freaks me out. The information is endless. If you want to search a girl with no legs, you will end up seeing a girl with no legs.   I think about this because every day I always check how my ratings are. Always surprised by how few I get, I always check who the audience is. My favorite part is when I realize half of my views are from the girls with no legs. It makes me realize how many freaks and geeks are reading this and must love how horribly weird I am. I'm sure they crave it, hoping for someone to compare themselves with. Someone to make themselves look better. Thats near impossible though, remember; you were the one searching girl with no legs. As normal as you think that is, it's actually really weird. I say this, but I can't talk. I post immature photos online all of the time. I love it. I am one of the creeps. Thank god for all of you other ones that just make me blend in.

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