December 23, 2011


Curiosity controls my brain, there are positives and negatives since I'll never pass up anything. My friends know this about me and I never seem to say no even to the things that may not be the smartest decisions. Constantly eating food, no matter how full I really am. I had been voted by all of my friends that I was the 'hungry' friend. I guess I must be grateful that I can keep my only sort of out-of-shape body. One thing I am not, self-conscious. If I slowly became uglier and uglier for some reason; say a witch got jelly and put a nasty curse on me. I would still probably call myself 'hot'. I know you were curious about that, so I answered your prayers. What I do on my free time is up to me and only me, you all maybe curious of what I do since I'll be honest, I like to dress up as a man. Here's a little something I do alone though above.

I think I'm gonna start a feminism club at New Trier. 

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