December 29, 2014


Going home for the holidays has been strange. There's moments that make me wanna move closer to home and then the small things that remind you why you are where you are.

There's definitely things I need to think about.

My brother who is 23 lives at home and is a sports journalist.
My sister who is turning 27 lives off Division in Chicago, she's an art teacher.
I am 18, living off of state street right in Chicago too, I am a student.

All of us are five years apart and as we grow older our relationships have become much different. My parents and us are best friends. I've suddenly been invited to sit with the adults at family gatherings.

Yes, there has a majority of terrible moments of me wanting to have longlasting fights with all of them until they give in to whatever my mouth spills, but these restless fights of yelling have made my cheeks hurt.

It's time to give my face a rest as well as everyone else.


If it's from either yelling, crying, or laughing, the face is never dulled when around people of love.

Oh families, what would we do without you? Without your help of classifications and organization of people in the world? There must be reason.

There's too much to think about. 

All I know is that it's terrible being home. It's boring and dull and everyone's kind of a drag. Love to see my friends and all, but theres no where to explore when you seem to seen everything. And as I retrace my steps in winnetka, the sight into my old life just makes me feel stranger.

Maybe that explains why I'm back blogging or something.


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