January 24, 2015


This week I started class. And for some reason, I always get extremely nervous. I actually loose my appiete and turns my stomach into a giant knot.

The first day of class should be the easiest since its going over assignment after assignment, but the intial fear of getting THAT asshole teacher lingers in your head.

Teachers either love you or hate you.

I don't live in academia at all.
No one should.

The language is different. Teachers don't talk to you how they talk to others in their lives.

School to me is boring, but that maybe the idea I got from something when I was younger that just turned into my reality.

I think I once found it fun when I was making maps and we could sing songs and do dances to learn vocabulary.. Now, sitting at a desk has turned me into a student who nods her head in understanding some boring lecture about something thats too far off in my life for me to truly relate too.

Reading old israeli text, unless that is you're reads, please continue to love and devour every word and taste each bit of it.

It's genuinetly hard for me to read and the frustration that comes with it makes class harder for me to focus.

I love to participate, but everytime you talk the teachers manipulates the words into a completely different idea.

Some people are visual.

I still like to listen to a good story.

And listening to a slow story is boring, I like a fast suspensful drama that includes love and death and life and the total outcome shows the beauty in all of those and is told is the most simple way.

I can't follow along a lot.

I don't think a lot of people do.

Some people are naturally good readers who pick up on the story when they read. I have to read something 4 times or so and also have questions I have to ask myself like whos this person and why are they going here?

I think. haiorgajigaogj. My brain just can't connect. I'll find a fragment of broken words something about the orange sun and I'll focus on just that and conduct my own story.

Daydreaming in class, something most students don't do, but I recommend it.

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