December 24, 2009


These fabulous Ganni, grayish blue black suede wedges... are to die for. No questions asked. please. I'd tell you the price, but everywhere I'm trying it's all in German.

Though, I was mad about how my sister got this, When i got the ugly Harajuku Lovers bag. As loving as my sister is always, she generously gave me it. :]. Knowing, how much i wanted it. The seasons truly do... bring out the best in people. thanks Adda.

Why hello everyone! Tis' the season to be jolly!
Everyone, it's Christmas Eve! I don't know about you, but i am way to excited for words though, I already know this Christmas is going to suck. I, Being the youngest sister, always wins getting the most things. This year is different. As we grow up, the presents have been under the tree weeks before Christmas. I have four presents under that tree, while my sister, Addie, has about 27. I hope it's toothbrushes and socks. Things only what people don't want and could buy themselves from less.

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