February 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week...


Fashion week is here. To all of you who are sitting there with your Prada hand bands, and Valentino Purses. I will be envying you until the week is over. While you watch all your favorite designers produce the most beautiful clothes of the world, I'll be reading my Stephen King novel and crying over how i wish i could be there. Your eyes will be seeing crazy patterns, little hats, and cool makeup on the I wish I were you models. When my eyes will be reading grusum words. Thank you Stephen King for saving me from my boredum on weekends.
Your probably wondering while I'm not at school. Actually, I know your not, but as bored as I am I going to tell you. I'm sick with a terrible sore throat and a headache. Boo hoo poop. I've sat the whole day watching MTV and talking to my other 'sick' friends. To bad the only show on is My Life As Liz, maybe the worse show to ever air TV. No offense any lovers to Liv. One highlight to my day: I woke up at 12 then made myself a largo breakfast! Two eggs, three pieces of toast, and a grapefruit with sugar and a little cherry on top. I love Treating myself like a diva once in a while. I may also treat myself with a bubba bath, only if im lucky... :D!
I'm really hoping my mom isn't working this Saturday, if she's not we can go down town to my sweet little vintage store I call my second home. There's a bucket full of crappy 60s earrings for $1. I mean who would'nt love a story like that. Once lame people. I'll try to find there some old men loafers and probably a pair of red flared jeans or red shorts. Lately, I'm really obcessed with the color red. I kind of also want to try to get more involed with more bejewled thingys. ALSO, I'm digging the kissy signs. Bejeweled Kissy Signes.
Two days ago was valentines day... I truely hate it. Sweet hearts that say 'call me' and 'your the one' actually don't taste good and getting over large stuffed animals that say I love you on them seems pathetic... My valentines day was spent without one boy in site! I went to my friend Ratchels house, and ate a whole pizza by myself for $12. I regret it.
Butt, hehe. I GOT A FABULOUS SUIT COAT FROM MY LOVED MOTHER. Yeah, i got really excited... <3
~ hettie

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