February 17, 2010

Hot stoppin' report- Samuel Gompers...

It was if i tripped while walking up to the front of the class room or even worse threw up all over the teacher who is writing down all her thoughts of my report. Instead, I'm parallelized with the unknown answer to something very important to his life. Okay, so maybe its a big fat ZERO in that one section...sad... I feel like I did bad in every section! And I bet your saying 'Ah! Boo hoo Hettie, It could be worse... NO' This Teacher Ms. Joyce? May i speak her name in public? She'll probably come up behind me and scream in my ear something that has to do with high-school. Her favorite topic. With this one fail, my A being reached is just one step farther. Sorry dad. Samuel who? Gompers not in my way. No offense, but It is your fault.
I have one of those heart throbbing, Throw upping Headaches. I don't even know why I'm writing this when I feel like total poop served with a side of vomit. Plus, I overwhelming myself with my homework that I should be doing right now!~YAY! Math, Social Studies, Spanish, and much much more! Woo. My hungry is probably from my absences of food. My stomach wasn't lurking the food during lunch. So, I pleased myself with a strawberry ice cream and thats it. Knowing me, I'm a girl with a lot of stomach. I like to eat. Moto:: If they're food, why not eat it?
Well, I should probably go catch up with my Spongebob Squarepants daily watching of television. Oh, and I should probably eat something.

Worst thing of my life,

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