February 17, 2010

Baby, your all i need.

hello, YSL. Black mini, hi!
I'm always happy/pleased with what you do. The shoes I even adore. Plus, theres skin. Who doesn't love the feeling of bare skin. Wow, I sound like a total pedafile. Don't worry, I don't like you. I like your clothes! :]

Strawberry's; the sweetest fruit.
reminds me of summer time
friendship when i was younger
strawberry's; the sweetest fruit.
I hope you liked that little ditty I just wrote you, it took my a total of 18 seconds. Be proud of me. I LOVE THAT DRESS SO MUCH BECAUSE STRAWBERRY'S ARE MY FAVORITE FRUIT! <3
Miu Miu! Your hot is so perfect for the hot. I mean come on... only you would create hot thigh high knit boots and don't forget that the heel is black. Sexy. Hot. Miu Miu. For some reason, I love this so much. I mean I would totally were that cute little white mini skirt to tennis. My teacher would probably tell me to cover up, but forget you Brian! You have to look as good as you can all the time. I mean why not look your best? Would you rather look like monkey butthole? HA! I didn't think so... BACK TO MIU MIU... The little fluffy white pull over jacket is so cute. It reminds me of Alaskan people going fishing. It also reminds me of that dog that looks fake, the name is totally blanking my mind, but the dog looks like a stuffed animal. I'm not joking.

Prada, Prada. You always know how to make me in a better mood. If only I could wear your clothes every moment of my life. I could be as cool. Collection Pre-Fall 2010. Ah, how I would wear that awkwardly colored chunky sweater, and funky designed skirt. Prada, Prada. How I love you.

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