February 18, 2010

Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou Romeo

Here, my queen!Tomorrow, the most exciting day of my life. I'm going to see a Comedy in Errors. Shakespeare, your amazing. Though, I have to read through one paragraph 7 times until I fully understand. My field trip is going to be full of my vintage red shoes, and a stripped mini dress. It's my one time to dress up fancy without people asking if i have a party after school. Thank you for asking, but it's a Tuesday...No duh I'm not going to a party. I wish though! I'll also be wearing a long gold chain to represent my bling in the city. One thing that doesn't make me seem like I only where Nana clothing. Finishing my totally lame outfit, a military jacket. Cute. I probably should be doing my homework, but I have the whole week to be doing it. YES! Only two essays, a social studies packet, a ISAT math packet, Science packet, English questions, and a whole Spanish paper to translate. A busy, busy weekend. Random, I'm very excited for my two best friends birthday party's. Two nights. Two parties, in a row. I'll give them some special hettie birthday cards, and a little bag of Bobbi Brown makeup. Who doesn't love that? I'm also bring my camera for my field trip. So, I'll make sure to take some snazz-shots of my pretty witty friends.Yayy. I should probably go start my homework, haha. Poop. I'm very very bored if you can't tell. I very excited for this! I'm excited for a huge plenty of things. I also have a new crush! Secrets out...!

Well, homework time.


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  1. Only Hettie Price would give out Bobbi Brown makeup :) <3