April 12, 2010



Alexis Marbille, Everyone.


Hey, I saw something like and I really liked it! It's like a good looking hobo just walked down the street. One that has beautiful long hair and good makeup on... It's rare to see that on a hobo, but who knows. I've met some pretty hobos in my story life I've lived.
No offense to the genius, but I'll be in shock if Avatar the movie didn't inspire him. The whole rag styled clothing with the arm designs make it seem like animated movie themed. This is beautiful. If you were inspired by Avatar. At least you made the worst movie I've ever seen into something beautiful. Either way, I'd rather watch your gourmets walk down a runway for a hour then sit in the theater for 3 hours with a lot little children oohing and ahhing over cool graphics. Yea, it was cool, NOT AS COOL AS DIS THO...

Mr. Ford, I never knew you have such a dirty mind.
Lucky as I am, I have a mom who works for Tom Ford. She masters the art of being reward with his goods. Including all of his to die for perfume's and new lipsticks. And being the lucky daughter, I'm spoiled with samples and free things. I mean we got the lipstick and do we wanna use it? I mean if we do that little TF rubs off... Then whats the good of it! the TF makes it. I only wish Mr. ord carved in it himself.

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