July 30, 2010

Give peace a chance_!

God, such hipsters. I am not a hipster. I'm probably the more weirdest, lamest child you will ever meet. You don't even have to meet me. I'll be lame before you meet me. With my odd head wraps and too large on shorts. Clothes never fits me right. It's probably why I look so horrible in it.

I'm just so cool, that I made some of my own peace posters on my free time and glued them up above my bed... Some things I should probably keep to myself... That's included.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono. April, 1969. They conducted the famous bed-ins, a new way to protest against the war. They both decided that they would stay in bed and grow they're hair out until the Vietnam war ended. They started on their honeymoon in Amsterdam. People thought that obviously they would be sleeping with each other. Instead, they found them talking about peace for days straight. "Give peace a chance". I think that I'm going to do this, even though I have nothing to protest against. I guess it's just a perfect reason to not get a haircut. When I find something I fight for, I will grow my hair out until people agree with me. Maybe it will be for WOMEN POWER!

I think this is brilliant. He advertised in his own ways. He thought of ways to protest, no one has every thought of. He's so inspirational. All of his music. Everything. He just thought of everything on his own which I think is amazing. I wish I could be like him when I'm older and actually make a difference in the world. I truly think he has made a huge difference. People still look up to him these days. I wanna be that person who people look up too years after. I want people to remember me and my name. That sounds really bad, but it's true. I want to be known.

Hi nemo--

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  1. i just wanted to say...it says you only have 6 followers, but thats wrong! i read every post on your blog, but i dont want to make an account and fololow, because i don't know you . i've never met you. I find your blog interesting, and fun to read. KEEP BLOGGING. Hope to see you at New Treir