July 11, 2010

Oh Kevin, I am a freak!

Just me, by myself.
The perfect burger.
I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while. I guess you could say I've not been in the best mood. My life is uber confusing and blogging about it would just make me seem even more pathetic. So yeah, lately I've just been chillen out nothing super special. I went to my favorite garage sale of Jewels. I was so happy when I got there. Garage sales are the one place I love. They make me so happy. I love how much stuff they have. The embarrassing thing was a brought my friend Halle. Sadly, she didn't really love it. She's more of a department store kind of girl. I like more of a hunt when trying to find the perfect things. Yes, it might take awhile, but when you find it it's pure ecstasy. I found myself a saints bracelet and a metal ring that looks like it's been created by a mermaid under the sea! Plus, the people who always host the garage sale love me for some reason. They sent me the postcard like 'Come! Come!', then when I go they're like 'Oh! They came!' It makes me so glee and they know it. I can't help but smile at everything I look at. My mom got deer heads. They explains my family. Heart.

Art lately has been good. I'm so lame though, my ideas are ending. I mean, Last week, I drew a girl, a tree, and another girl. How dry can I be? And my fear is becoming dry. Dry. Maybe the worst thing you could ever be called. I may as well rather be called a freak. Uh, there it is again. The word freak. And dry.

I'm a dry freak.
Oh, god.
The combination of both words make me sick.

Well, before my emotions go insane, I might as well change the topic. Yesterday perhaps. I went. To. Meatheads. THE GREATEST MOST DELICIOUS BURGER PLACE IN THE WORLD. I LITERALLY CRAP MY PANTS EVERY TIME I FOUND OUT I'M GOING THERE. But yeah, I got the meathead of course with everything. I mean that is how you should eat a burger. You gotta get everything on it. I got it and it just looked like the percent burger ever.


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. i know you may think not a lot of people read but i do like everyday. POST MORE.

  2. You.Are.Not.Dry.

    How could you ever think that? I mean really, you used the word ecstasy in your writing! I can't even imagine Halle rummaging around through piles upon piles of stuff. Wear both the ring and the bracelet; I want to see both of them. I love how the people hosting the garage sale invited you to go.

    You're an amazing, original girl. Never think otherwise.

    it's still a secret to me why your life is uber-confusing....