July 26, 2010

To the right-- The book of life.


A little preview


I have to admit I've became a little lazier the past few days. My days equal eat, sleep, dream, go out, go home. The life of the boring. I'm not boring though. Am I? Does this boring life make me a boring person? I can't let this happen. I must make the rest of my summer the best summer ever. Since we only have one month left... It will be the best month ever. August is probably my favorite month;since, it is my birthday month! Ah, 14-years-old. It's funny how no one ever guesses my age correctly. It's either are you 12 or 15, my grandpa thinks I've been going to in 7th grade these past two years. No grandpa, I'm going into 8th this year. No grandpa, I'm going to New trier. " Oh, New Trier! East or west" He said this probably every time I saw him this year. My grandpa knows me too well.

Check my flickr out because I'm way to lazy to drag in all 20 pictures, but I might as well because I know everyone else is too lazy to go click TO THE RIGHT ON MY FLICKR LINK!

Sorry, I really was just way to lazy to put like 20 pictures in this.


I love sushi. Thank you Allie for taking me out for the brilliant dinner. You know how fond I am of being treated for stuff. And sushi is my favorite food, it's like you read my mind during our pedicures. Thank you for that too. I'm very grateful to have you. You are the best even though I do get mad at you often. I owe you one. Maybe next rummage sale I go too, I'll let you tag along. You'll get to see me at my crabbiest. Since I always want to buy everything, but my limit is $30 with the exception of something really special. YAY!

My mom has always something negative to say



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  1. your welcome :)
    love you hettie