July 24, 2010

Who's your style icon?


Because I'm only at the age 13, I probably shouldn't be depressed about the fact that I don't have my own style icon. I will find one, one day. I don't know whose style really influences me though. Lady gaga, of course is one of my idols, but I would never dress like her. She is too crazy. Also, the fact I have many different styles. I don't only have the like rock and roll look, but also the Ralph Lauren classic look is one of my favorites. Maybe, I should have more than one style icons. As long as I'm inspired, I'm good. GIVE ME IDEAS OF WHO MY STYLE LOOKS LIKE PLEASE! I'm sick of being confused with who inspires me. Eh, I just needed a few moments to think of that. And look, I've found it! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the perfect example. First, I read there like self biography of them every night and look at who inspires them. I love them so much, I watch all the videos of them when they were baby models and acting on full house. Did you know they were the cutest kids in the world? Well, they are. Go on youtube, and search I am the cute one. You will have that song stuck in your head for weeks. Or maybe that's just me... This is a little bit confusing, so before this 10 minute brain storming of who I look up too in the fashion world, I was blank. So, when I started this paragraph I thought oh, help me whose my style icon. Well, mine's Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen. No need for help... Unless... You wanna suggest anything to me! That would be great. I always love hearing new names of people I've never heard of before then I totally google them a thousand times and want to be them. That's the best, when you discover someone who's really unknown and great. Cough, me. I think I'm cool and it's really funny because I'm really not. I'm the biggest loser you will ever meet.

Burberry Fall 2010--
Well, I'm at least a fan of recycling fur. I would never go out and buy a brand new fur coat. You might as well go to a vintage shop and buy a already made one. If you have to fix it up, then do so. Nothing's wrong with a little fixing up! I also am really enjoying that electric blue skit, I would definitely wear that too the clubs. My dance party raves and that skirt would glow in the dark. People would be like wow, look at that good looking girl with that blue skit then they're be like... Hettie Price... Oh, yeah.
Courtesy of NYLON.COM

I love big chunky brown fake fur coats... I'm sure it's not fake, but I'm really digging the chunkiness of the coat. The good looking fashionable hobo that lives down your block would be wearing that jacket. Actually, I just made that sound really bad and tacky. It's cute and the very rich babe would be wearing that coat... Sorry if I offended anyone... If I ever did see a hobo wearing that coat I would be very jealous. It doesn't really make much sense though, why would a hobo be wearing a Burberry coat? Good questions!

http://www.vogue.co.jp/ Hey uh, I wish I spoke and could read japanese. Speaking japanese would just make me that much cooler, I would also travel as my mother did too Japan and learn the ways of a geisha. God, It's kind of weird how a like me and my mother are. A few days ago, my nana told us we had the exact legs. Like thanks nana, I have the same legs as my 47 year old mom. Good to know. So, we have the same body shape and personality. I'm lucky if I have my dads face... Ah, I'm just kidding. I'm lucky if I have my mothers face too. Hopefully, I'm a good mix between them both.

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