August 13, 2010

The leaving of Satchel Price--


I am now officially an only child. My brother is now off to better things at American University in Washington D.C. While he starts his life, I will be here at home starting my first year at New Trier. My house will definitely not be the same without my brother Satchel here. I didn't really take any notice this summer that it would be the last year of living with him. So, I guess this morning when I was told he was leaving in 15 minutes, it really hit me. I'm going to be an only child from here on out. Oh god, but it won't be that long. I only have four years until I'm off to college too. Actually, no stop. I don't want to think about that. Four years is in a long time... right?
Thank god my sister is here for the weekend though. If not, I would be home alone crying all day. I can't be an only child. I love my siblings so much. We get along so well! Even though, I'm 9 years apart from my sister and 5 years from my brother. Also, they both hate me. (( My sister just came up to me and said, "I saw your new blog post, your clothing is too crazy. You gotta take this more seriously". "Are you kidding?", Thanks Addie)). See what I mean? They're just so nice too me. Hm, well now I'm only going to see them rarely and I'm going to have to be the awkward last child going to movies with my parents. If you knew my mother, you would know now that I can't go out anymore. She knows I'm her last baby in the family. So, I will now be forced to stay up and cook with her daily. I will also have to be her companion for movie watching, aaron running, listening to her complain about work problems, and much, much more. Oh god, I'm in for a rough four years. Maybe, I'll have my friend Halle take my spot for sometime, since I know she has a thing for my mom.Weird, I know. Literally, every time we enter the car she has to say something about my mom's hair. Like Halle, we know you love my mom and her big hair. Stop, I hear it everyday. Why don't you tell me that you love my hair too...? You dad does...
Anyways, I know no one wants to read this long paragraph on my life. It's really boring, but I'm in the mood to write. Read if you want, don't if you don't. So anyways, my parents are out helping my brother get all set for college and stuff. This means my sister and I are going to have a huge party at my house this weekend. Actually, not really because if we clean the house we also get payed. I need the money too. I haven't had a babysitting job since June. How sad is that? If anyone needs a babysitting job, My name is Hettie Price. You can contact me at (847) 757-6467. PLEASE. I'M REALLY GOOD WITH KIDS...? Like I was saying. I'm in desperate need for money. How can I go get awesome clothing for fall when I have nothing but pennies in the piggy bank. I doubt I even have pennies. I probably have a dime and that's about it.
So after I mop the whole house and wash all the windows by hand, my sister and I will party. We already have each and everyday planned out or at leasts things to do. Saturday, we got our haircuts with Rob. I'm still not sure what I'm getting. I'm so bored with my hair. I think I want like something crazy, but I know it won't look good. I just gotta get that middle part cleaned up so I don't look like Jesus anymore. I'm sick of walking into rooms and people go, "Jesus! Is that you?", "Oh... It's just Hettie". So finally, I'll look like myself. Not jesus. After my haircut, my sissy and I will probably go shopping at some lame thrift shops or like American apparel. It's across the street, woo! Sadly, I'm broke and can't afford anything from that store. I feel like I could make everything in it. Even though, I don't sow. I NEED TO LEARN! My dream of being a fashion designer is failing. I'm only 13 though. Someone who can sow, please teach me. I need to learn how to make my ideas come to life. Back to what I was talking about, We also have planned to go many different places to eat including Rollin' to go, Taco bell, and a dinner with Nana and Suzie...? Thats my weekend, now writing about it, it actually doesn't seem that exciting... Hopefully, it will be awesome though. It will be. Any weekend with my sister, adda will be the best weekend ever. THE BEST WEEKEND EVER.
I think i'm gonna have a project for myself and make something really cool. I must go now though. It's 12 and I need to take a nap between 12-2. I never sleep, weird fact of myself. There's always a knot in my stomach keeping me up. Also the fact that my curtains are white. The light right at 6 shines in my eyes, it's horrible. My summer is a fail. They didn't I write my screen play and everything? What kept me to it? And now I only have 12 days left and I feel like a complete lazy poop. I hate the feeling of a lazy poop. God, I must go and get something out of my summer.

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