August 13, 2010

Sports teams aren't really my thing... Making little doll heads is though.



In the end, when I don't make it. I'm going to be very mad that I put so much effort and time into this. What can I do though? If I don't make it, I don't. And look, at least I have my own life to fall back on. Some people's lives are these sports. I feel bad for them. Sports mean maybe 4% of my life. I just know it's not something I want to be doing the rest of my life. Yes, tennis is fun and I enjoy playing it. It's not worth getting upset about thats for sure. So, who gives a hoot if I don't make it? My parents already told me I could do like 10 different art clubs. I know for a fact, I would much rather be doing art then playing darn old tennis.
The reason why I would want be on the team though is because it just looks fun! The girls take the bus together and you meet so many friends. Oh my god, this sounds like some corny TV show on Disney. I mean it though... Like today, I played this girl who was actually the nicest girl I've ever met. I just wanted her to win because of her niceness. She truly deserves to be on the team. I love nice people. Like, I will never forget that girl! Even though, I don't even remember her name. Oh how I could I could of gotten it. One day we will become best friends. so weird.

Home made dolls! Heads...

Cool, I know. I sowed little pillowed and water colored faces on them... I think I'm going to start making a collect of them
and different races and emotions. If you have any ideas for my next collect of little heads. Please tell me, my creativity is running
low. I could be practicing tennis... eh... I rather be doing fun stuff like this.

Thanks for your time,



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