September 1, 2010

What is this, a 70s swim suit?

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Yes, indeed it was... a 70's swim suit. I saw it and quickly noted that I needed one of those in my collection of clothing. That is one thing I am missing from my decent collection. Note to self, I need to find a 70's swim suit. Did I mention it was a boys swim suit too? I don't know what it is, but I'm been really digging the unisex clothing even though it may not be made to be unisex, I make it be. I wear my dads old sweaters all the time, when I come down stairs wearing them he yells at me for going in his clothes. It's true. I can't keep my hands out of my moms closet, sisters closet, and now my dads and my brothers. What is the world coming to these days?

I think I forgot to mention that this 70's swim trunks were seen at my FIRST day of costume crew. It was great. The people. The placement. Everything. It's truly were I belong. It's located in this sketchy theater basement were like everyone graffiti all over the walls and signs they're names. (Goal before costume is over, SIGN WALL). Anyways, It was great. I didn't really have anything to do for the first half of class, I sat and over listened to the senors and juniors talk about corky teachers I've never even heard of. I would of pitched into the conversation, but I was a little out of it. It was still great though. The second half of class, I spend my time in the costume closet. Best 45 minutes of my life. I was trying to look for a Victorian western costume. You would probably now think of it being impossible to find, but it was very hard. First let me tell you, the room is almost as big as a shoebox and it's full to the brim of dirt costumes and dust. May I also mention there were four of us on the hunt for the perfect Victorian costume? Me, Spencer, Elise, and the unknown named girl. The unknown named girl was giving me kind of a rough time. I found a perfect purple cape, she has to mention, "That's definitely not Jane Austin's". Like okay... down my whole day won't you? I really did like that purple cape... now it's lost in the shoebox room forever... This victorian costume is still unfound and this calls for another day in the shoebox tomorrow. I also got to include it's a 101 degrees in the shoebox. Near death experience when you enter it. 

I wish I could go to the shoebox everyday and shop and rent clothing out. I found the 70's swimsuit, neon pink and yellow bad tank top, 23 horrible sweaters made out of the material itch, and mini shoes that were awesome. I fell in love with the mini shoes, I don't even know how to describe them. They were  strange and small. Mini.

Whats the date again? Oh yeah, well it's Wednesday, soon be Thursday. After Thursday, comes Friday. Weather on Friday is high of 72. You know what that means? Say it! Please, I'm begging you... Fall. It's coming! It's coming! And when It's here, oh how I'll bring out the ugly sweaters and chuck-a boots? Oh how ugly my clothing will be... Oh how lovely it sounds just thinking about it. Finally normal weather were walking outside doesn't give you pit stains... or is that just me? Anyways, to celebrate for the upcoming season. I thought I would share some feedback on fall clothing. Oh lucky you guys, you get to have me boringly go on about how I love this and how amazing this is and how I pooped my pants when I saw this one and that one. No big deal though, I guess you don't have to read it if you don't want too... I really encourage you too though! If you too I bet you will look like a fall goddess...Actually no, I'm sorry I ever said that. Cool people don't say things like that... I just do encourage you to read it... very well then...

Casual Fall 10


I hope I don't have to explain. You should know that this collection is great.

I've decided I'm going to blog whenever I have an outburst of thoughts and whenever I have the time. 

Buh bye.



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