August 30, 2010

I barley have time for me to poop; that's how busy I am.

Hey baby, what are you wearing?

Why hello there! I didn't see you there for a moment... Haha, I'm so very funny... get it... I'm typing to a computer... how could I see anyone when I actually aren't really talking to anyone... ok now seriously, I need a life. My life is literally non stop moving around and spazzing out about things that really don't matter. I had a near death heart attack 20 minutes ago because I realized I didn't do my homework. I sat down, cried for another 20 minutes and began doing it realizing it wasn't that bad and it really wasn't worth all 674 tears. At the same time, they were worth it; math is poo. Numbers aren't really something that work in my brain. I'm more of a wordy talking person. If I were used to talking in numbers, I would probably like math more. But I don't speak numbers so, I'll stick to the average okay english student level. I guess I could admit I'm not the brightest student ever... but hey! I'll go somewhere one day... right? Hopefully... though one year at my birthday party I was voted most likely to be homeless, no shock there... if I could be homeless for 3 days then randomly find a nice cozy house to settle I would. I think being homeless would give me a whole new outlook on life and not to mention it but I really need it. I feel lately, I have been less and less myself.

Note;; I am not quitting cross country... it's just not me! It's not that I can't run. I can run, I actually can and I'm not terrible at it and I love my friends there. I have so much fun going to it, It's heart breaking me that the seasons going to be over for me. After my moments of depression, I just remember the fact I'm going into costume crew for the fall play. I'm so very excited. Finally, my goal of learning how to sew will be complete! I will now only make my own clothing from here on out. Sorry, if I come to school everyday now looking like a huge turd walking around, I'll also make sure to have a sign hanging from my neck saying, "I made this in my sleep", only to make me look like I was actually decent at sewing though... Wish me luck at my costumes though! My first meeting for it was such success, I walked into that room smelling the hipsters. I knew from there I was ment to be in this room. I was inspired. I felt like I needed to be more. Thank you everyone for now making me feel inspired. I have been longing for this group of people and I have found them.

Days of High School successfulness; I have found maybe my theater friends, I have so longly been on a hunt for. So, I can check that off. I'm learn how to sow, I can check that off too. I did join a sport team, I officially am a decent high school student. 

My life so far is rocking, I've never been so happy.

High school is one great place too be.

Watch Freaks and Geeks, greatest show ever

Watch Welcome to the Dollhouse, greatest movie ever

Watch Whats eating at Gilbert Grape?, second greatest movie ever

Watch Rocko's modern life, greatest carton ever

Your going to be busy watching a lot of movies and TV lately... I really do recommend watching all my listings. They truly are great and if your not sure, just go on to youtube and watch the trailers or theme songs or something. You will know to watch it. Greatest things to have your eyes see.

Oh and guess what? I was just reading some fashion blogs. No way, I'm reading about blonds... if you do read my blog you do know that I have always have a thing for being blonde and wanting to be blonde and I don't know what is it about it, but I love it. So, enjoy looking at beautiful woman while I hit my face in a bag and cry. Maybe one day, I'll be as fly as these chicas...

So enjoy and look at pretty pictures of pretty people...





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  1. Hey!! Someone told me about ur blog! I am a freshman at New trier too... but i dont think we have any classes together :-/

    anyhooo, i really like ur blog!! i dont know how to commit to mine since high school started.. but ill try!

    my name is Claudia, btw