October 4, 2010

I slept under the stairs last night; I hope you don't mind.

Coming into to school everyday is a little boring. I try walking class to class without making a scene. Knowing me that is very hard. I have seem to become quite the drama queen lately. If things don't go my way, they go no one ways. For instance, if I saw someone with this Kipling bag. I would punch them in the eye, grab the bag, and make a run for it. This would only be a minor situation though.
Just kidding, my usual walk in the hallways are me looking at my feet while I hustle into class sit and cry to myself. I try not to make eye contact with anyone while I sit and suck up to all my teachers. How was your weekend Mrs.? Really? That's fantastic, It is true if they do -.Like you more, I'm sure they will understand your a good student and you try. Maybe they'll turn your B+ into an A-.
Just to tell a little tale with my sadness in classes. Today someone was looking at me,  I gave them my usual stop looking at me, I'll break your teeth stare back. Later that math, someone was like, "Oh yeah, BlahBaBlah was saying you look so depressed". I giggled, then went back into my Daria slump.
So, my days consists of me looking dead, throwing out a few bad jokes, laughing at people, and being cliquey with Michael Stamos. If I could describe my freshman year so far, the word would be, "Joke".
In conclusion, I have realized people are weird. Coming from the weirdest person in the world, I make weird look normal at New trier. No offense to all you follow trevs. You must admit, It's weird. Everything is flipping patty's weird.

This bag isn't weird though. To die for actually. It would make me look super fly if I carried it around like a little satchel. I can't believe I just used my brothers name in a sentence.

This was so ordinary poop in your pants, I pooped big time.
Nylon Mexico October 2010

Bats, I think I may add onto my very long list of favorite animals.

My dad talked to me today about making my blog a little more normal for adults to read, My reply, " I just pooped my pants when you said that". My blog will never be changing. My slang for excitement is I pooped. It's never gonna change even when I become 39.

1. Colored Eyeliner
2. Unpainted nails
3. Middle parted over brushed hair
4. Looking homeless 
5. Laughing at things when shouldn't be laughed at.
6. Being a mom
7. Wanting to dye hair
8. Unemotional towards everything
9.Pooping my pants
10.Laughing at my own jokes
11. Paying people into being my friends ( Just kidding, not really)


My posts lately have literally have been about nothing. So, if you have nothing to do and are wanted to waste some time. You have come to the right place. I should probably change my title blog to FUN TO READ, BUT A HUGE WASTE OF TIME.


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