October 11, 2010

Tears emerged from my eyeballs

Oh hey

I'm really sorry, I know I suck

   I cannot get back into my blogging habit. Never mind, I have no clue what I'm talking about I'm never really been in a blogging habit where I blog actually at a constant rate. I need a special time just to donate to my blog. I'm gonna say every other day or every three days at 9 P.M. I'll at least try to stick to it. You may not think it's hard, but it is pretty hard. It's hard to get inspired for each and every post and usually the posts a pretty boring and stupid. And I don't want to read a stupid and boring blog. Do you? No, so I don't post until I get gifted by that thing called creativity. I don't happen often, but once I'm graced with it I can't stop blogging.

Instead of reading my blog, you should really go to the theater and see this movie. I cried.  I never cry in movies. It was a beautiful film.

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