November 13, 2010

it's not the 80s anymore, Hettie

Compliments from old people are the best compliments.

A green fur coat. Pink shirt used as a skirt. Long papa's grey sweater. Black sweater over. Round Ozzy Osborne Rayban's. My favorite Doc Marten's with some crappy purple socks.

Ah, how weird is it that clothing is my air. Without it, I would be suffocating at this moment. I try to put up the tough guard act because I can't show my emotions through words and stuff, so,  I show it though my clothing. It's a lot harder for people to guess how I am feeling, but take a guess.

What mood does this outfit show?


  1. this picture kinda says "BECAUSE I CAN BIOTCH"
    ya... pretty cool. :-)

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