December 18, 2010


Pardon for my delay of blogging. I guess my life has gotten so boring to a point where I don't even give a hoot about the things I do love, that includes my blog and such. But what am I talking about? I love my blog. I guess because of the winter, I am just becoming so dried out. Mentally and physically, I am the driest. Mentally wise, I am just not in the mood to think. I'm shocked with myself that I even have the creativity at the moment to think of blogging. I felt like it was necessary because I haven't once in the last three weeks. And the physically dry part is pretty self explanatory... If anyone knows a good lotion brand, holla it at me, please.

I need some excitement in my life. My life is so dull. In school, the only excitement I get is when I'm reading a text book that the teacher has handed out and I've spotted out a tiny penis drawing by the page number. It gives me a little hope of humor, then I realize it's gone when I have to flip the page.

I don't mean to gross out anyone, but if you know me, you must know my humor is  a little dirty. And may I ask do you see penis's drawn everywhere you go? Or is that just me...I always find myself spotting out awkwardly draw penis's in the strangest of places. big, small, realistic, cartoon, there all there. 

Places you see them the most:

the chalkboard
the DUST on the chalkboard
in dust in general
text books
craved into desks or tables
in the frost on windows
on passed notes

Though, I'm sure others find it gross and just 'weird'. I can't keep a smile in when I see one.


happy winter break

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  1. i WILL have a happy winter break, thank you hettie. Also,

    Im really, really funny.